WebMaker (TM)

Configurable converter of FrameMaker documents to the World-Wide Web

The combination of WebMaker and FrameMaker enables you to publish simultaneously both the printed and the WWW versions of a document. WebMaker converts FrameMaker documents and books to a hypertext network of HTML files that may be viewed by World-Wide Web browsers.

WebMaker translates FrameMaker entities such as imported and native graphics, mathematics, tables, figures, anchored frames, cross-references, character highlights, indices and footnotes. It generates tables of contents automatically, and transforms into graphical images elements that are unknown to HTML. The user has control over a number of conversion aspects:

WebMaker was developed at CERN in 1994, in the Programming Techniques Group. In February 1995, CERN signed a technology transfer agreement with Harlequin Ltd, who will continue the development of WebMaker.

Copyright (c) 1995. The Harlequin Group Limited. All rights reserved.
URL:   http://www.cern.ch/WebMaker/

WebMaker 1.4a