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Some examples using CERN WebMaker

Documents converted by users of CERN WebMaker

With versions 1.4 or prior

NCSA Mosaic for the X Window System User Guide
NCSA Mosaic for the Macintosh User Guide
NCSA Mosaic for the MS Windows User Guide
From NCSA.

The Java Language Environment: A White Paper
The Java Language Specification (Version 1.0 Alpha3)
Implementing Native Methods (Version 1.0 Alpha3)
The Java Virtual Machine Specification (Version 1.0 Alpha3)
Documents about the Java language, from Sun Microsystems.

Star Wars Frequently Asked Questions and Sources of Information
Jake Tringali and Eric Jackson.

CUI Seminars
Gilles Falquet, CUI-Université de Genève.

FUNET Tietoliikenneopas
Finnish University and research NETwork.

Using Mosaic and the Internet: An Interactive Guide for Junior High Students
Wanda Chiu, Juris A. Grasis, Patrick T. Homer, David K. Lowenthal, and Jennifer A. Schmitt.

User Guide to the NCSA UniTree Archival System
From NCSA.

ATLAS Internal Note, DAQ-NO-22. RD13 Technical Note 136, January 15, 1995.

Ptolemy 0.5.2 Users Manual
The Almagest
Ptolemy 0.5.2 Users and Programmers Manuals.

Presenting Documents on the W3

Freudenthal institute research group on mathematics education
Freudenthal institute

Using CIESIN Gateway
Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network.

Pre-Conference Materials for the NERSC MPP Summer Workshop
Barbara Herron and Timothy Williams.

FrameMaker Filters Version 6
Ed W.A. van Leeuwen.

Feedback in IRD - SIMON
Department of Electronic Engineering, Queen Mary & Westfield College, University of London.

CS Annual Report
Department of Computer Sciences, Purdue University.

Présentation du LURPA
Présentation de la formation (extrait du Rapport d'activité 1992-1994). Laboratoire Universitaire de Recherche en Production Automatisée.

Centre for Learning Systems and Applications
University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

HP3000 and the World Wide Web
Slides for a presentation to NOWRUG, May 2, 1995. Mike Belshe, HP CSY Networking Lab.

Harris Semiconductor, Melbourne, Florida

Deriving Built-In Classes in Python
Donald Beaudry, V.I. Corporation, Northampton, MA

Technology Watch Report
Joël Malard, Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre, The University of Edinburgh.

High-Performance Computing Radiative Heat Transfer
Resulta of a workshop conducted by Sandia National Laboratories Albuquerque, NM.

Geoscientific Research and the Global Positioning System
A Report of the University Navstar Consortium Summer, 1994

GRASS - DBMS Linkage
Published by J.Jones.

The Taligent Online Documentation
The Taligent Application Environment beta includes a few hundred megabytes of WebMaker-converted HTML documents. Unfortunately these documents are not publicly available.

Control Engineering Research Centre
The information server of the Control Engineering Research Centre in the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering at The Queen's University of Belfast.

Software Development: People, Process, Technology
From the proceedings of the CERN School of Computing 1994, by Arash Khodabandeh and Paolo Palazzi of the Programming Techniques Group in the ECP Division at CERN.

Desktop Publishing
From the Desktop Publishing Services of the AS-DH group at CERN.

Quick Reference Guide to 10-Mbps Ethernet
Quick Reference Guide to 100-Mbps Ethernet
by Charles Spurgeon, University of Texas at Austin.

RZU AKTUELL (Informatik-Dienste an der Universität Zürich)
German publication of the University of Zurich, published on the Web by Peter Vollenweider. Includes February 95 issue.

Studies of Technology, Organisations and Work, Project Overview
Direct Interaction Project Overview
Context-Based Information Systems, Project Overview
published by Kathleen Carter and Alex Zbyslaw of Rank Xerox Research Centre Cambridge.

CERN Human Resources - 1993
published by CERN Human Resources.

Accesso e visualizzazione di dati di fisica sperimentale con ambienti di programmazione e programmi statistici disponibili su Windows: ricerca comparata.
Laurea thesis (in Italian) in Computing Science by Marco AIMAR, CERN, ECP, PT.

The ESIS Catalogue Browser on NCSA Mosaic.
European Space Information System.

published by Roberto Mazzoni, University of Zurich

CASCADE: User's Guide
User's manual for the CASCADE Data Acquisition System, published by Roberto Divia, CERN

Lehrtext: UNIX-Einführung (Unix course in German)
published by Peter Vollenweider, University of Zurich. Also published by Peter, and may be of interest to some, are the Encapsulated PostScript Specifications in german, containing also some extra documentation about WebMaker.

Genome Sequence Data Base (GSDB):
GSDB User Manual for ASCII AWB2
GSDB User Manual - OpenLook Version for AWB3
The GSDB Schema Manual
NCGR Charter Document
SIGMA Manual
published by Alicia Power, US National Center for Genome Resources (NCGR)

Guide to Ethernet
Guide to Ethernet Configuration
by Charles Spurgeon, University of Texas at Austin.

Some documents converted as examples by us, using Version 1.4

[New translation - 95/02/20] [Configuration] [Command Lines]
[Version in the distribution of 1.4] [Configuration] [Command Lines]
An example of a book taken from the FrameMaker demos.

[2] A Configurable Code Generator for OO Methodologies
Paper presented at CHEP'94.
The WebMaker configuration is such that all level of text are generated in separated HTML files.

[3] A Configurable Code Generator for OO Methodologies
Same Paper as [2], but Sections are not generated in separated HTML files.

Some documents converted with the version Beta 1.3

[4] An Automated Documentation System for the Maintenance of Multiform Documentation
Paper about WebMaker presented at CHEP'94.
Since this paper uses the same FrameMaker template that [2], the same configuration file has been used.

[5] An Automated Documentation System for the Maintenance of Multiform Documentation
Same as [4], but converted with images for navigation buttons

[6] Cortex User Requirements
Cortex is a generic control information system for High Energy Physics experiments and accelerators, being developed at CERN.
WebMaker is an important component of LIGHT (LIfecycle Global HyperText). In LIGHT, all documents produced at the successive steps of the Software Life Cycle are hyperised, and hypertext links are established between them. As an example, the Cortex User Requirements have been writen with FrameMaker according to the ESA standards, and converted to WWW with WebMaker.

[7] WANF Control System Manual
WANF (West Area Neutrino Facility) is the CERN neutrino beam line. The FrameMaker documentation of its control system is converted with WebMaker to be an online help.

[8] XLISP-PLUS: Another Object-Oriented Lisp
The complete documentation for XLISP-PLUS, by Tom Almy et al.

Documents converted with earlier versions of WebMaker

The HTML+ Specifications
by Dave Ragget.

The ADAMO documentation
was the original motivation for developing WebMaker. Look at the ADAMO Users Guide and Reference Manual.

The WebMaker User Requirements

Is There a Future for Event Display ?
This paper contains numerous mathematical formulae and POSTSCRIPT event pictures in both colour and black and white

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