Product perspective
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2.1 - Product perspective

WebMaker is an improved version of an existing converter developed at CERN by Bertrand Rousseau. This version is in production for the ADAMO system's documentation [11], but has a number of limitations. For instance, it does not handle anchored frames, FrameMaker native graphics and equations. In addition, it is difficult to configure for other FrameMaker documents.

Frame2html is another FrameMaker to HTML converter [9], developed by Jon von Tetzchner Stephenson at Norwegian Telecom Research. Its main limitation is that it generates a single HTML file out of one FrameMaker file.

latex2html is a powerful LaTeX to HTML converter [10], developed by Nikos Drakos at the University of Leeds.

BR and MR - CERN PTG - WebMaker User Requirements - 27 Jan 94