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WebMaker (TM)

Usage of the original CERN WebMaker

Visible from CERN hosts only!

How to use WebMaker 1.4a at CERN

WebMaker 1.4a runs on a variety of Unix platforms, is available through the Software Development Tools Service provided by ECP/PT. Users are, however, encouraged to use the current Harlequin WebMaker, please see below.

Other resources for WebMaker 1.4a

Platforms and Distribution
Plus access to Mailing List Registration Form.
User's Manual
Combined guide and reference manual.
The WebMaker Configuration Library
A hypertext version of the library of WML conversion rules.
Navigation Buttons for Web Documents
A set of equally sized buttons for the most common types of web navigation actions. Includes an active and an inactive version of each button.

Harlequin WebMaker

Users are encouraged to use Harlequin WebMaker, now available CERN-wide. Advantages to using the current Harlequin WebMaker over the old CERN WebMaker include:

MR - CERN PTG - 19 January 1996