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WebMaker (TM)

Authors and credits of the original CERN WebMaker


An early version of this program was developed by Bertrand Rousseau for the specific documentation needs of the ADAMO system. It was later decided to write a generic version; WebMaker.

The following contributed to the system, in different roles:

Bertrand Rousseau
Overall design, implementation of main converter.
Mario Ruggier
Overall design, graphics conversion, documentation, user support.
Alberto Aimar
Graphics conversion, release management.
Arash Khodabandeh
UNIX engineering, distribution kit.
Paolo Palazzi
Product management.


Several people from our group had helped us getting ready: Marco Aimar conducted weeks of tests to prepare the beta release, Ian Hannell had set up the customer support scheme, Phillip Hallam-Baker contributed to the design of the configuration language. Pierrick Pinasseau and Joel Closier had helped us sorting out Unix problems.

The original CERN WebMaker relied on xlisp, gawk, ghostscript and pbmplus software packages. These packages had proven to be very reliable and versatile. A well deserved thank you to the numerous authors. Special thanks to Tom Almy, author of xlisp-plus, who had been very responsive to our questions.

The LaTeX to HTML converter of Nikos Drakos, from the University of Leeds, UK, was a great source of inspiration.

We were greatly helped by the many people who have send us FrameMaker documents to test:

Special thanks for the many beta testers who contributed comments, suggestions and patches, in particular:

Atul Aurora, Paul J. Bailey, Sean M. Conley, Lani Hajagos, Chris S. Markham and Kelly Moy, from Frame Technology, San Jose, CA, USA, made useful suggestions during a meeting held at San Jose.

Thanks is also due to many people at CERN: Jean Tedesco and Christopher Onions, from ECP, for supplying accounts on their machines; Philippe Defert, Ignacio Reguero, and Juan Manuel Guijarro, from CN, for their considerable technical support; Judy Richards and Alex Goather, from CN, for access to reference machines; Alan Silverman and Dietrich Wiegandt, from CN, for their valuable advice.

Margaretha Van der Stroom, from the CERN Finance Division, helped us with the legal aspects of Copyright and licensing.

Last but not least, this work would not have been possible without the support and resources provided by Pier Giorgio Innocenti and Gottfried Kellner.

Please see trademark/copyright information about WebMaker.
MR - CERN PTG - 23 October 1995