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Documentation Systems and the WWW

WebMaker (TM)

Configurable converter of FrameMaker documents to the World-Wide Web

The combination of WebMaker and FrameMaker enables the simultaneous publishing of both printed and WWW versions of a document. WebMaker converts FrameMaker documents and books to a hypertext network of HTML files.

WebMaker was developed in 1994 in our group (ECP/PT), applied to several CERN documents, and version 1.4 was licensed to more than 3000 sites. In February 1995, CERN signed a technology transfer agreement with Harlequin Limited, who will produce, license, and support all future versions of WebMaker.

The current Harlequin WebMaker

For CERN users
The current version, for the Mac, PC, and a variety of Unix platforms, is available through the Software Development Tools Service provided by ECP/PT.
European HEP users
Please contact
Other users
All information about current and all future versions is at:

The original CERN WebMaker

Why WebMaker ?
A paper presented at the First International WWW Conference, May 1994.
The original User Requirements Document
Specifies WebMaker from a user's point of view. Written according to PSS-05 (ESA Software Engineering Standards).
A distribution log snapshot of Version 1.4
A histogram of the ftp distribution logs of the WebMaker 1.4 source tar file.
Some examples using CERN WebMaker
Webs generated from FrameMaker documents with CERN WebMaker versions of up to 1.4a, by users around the world.
Authors and credits
The people behind the original CERN WebMaker.
Using the original CERN WebMaker (Pages visible from CERN hosts only).
Information useful for CERN users of the original CERN WebMaker is still available.

Please see trademark/copyright information about WebMaker.
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